Save The Date directed by Jonathan Krisel. Bride is nervous about her commitment but is consoled by her super hot bridesmaid.

Once Upon A Time In Hollyweird features this edgy scene of me doing something on the edge of someone’s yard.

Rumchata commercial directed by Terri Timely. She’s chill, loves a good book but she prefers to sing her heart out.

Oddly Popular Directed by Fred Gallo. Ericka is a catalyst to mischief, but cares deeply about people. Dresses solely in cat shirts.

Blue Shield directed by Oren Brimer. Mysterious mythological Karen appears and goes ham. Never say her name in the mirror 3x.

Popcorn Abductor

Award winner at Cinci 48Hr FF.

Cincinnati USA

Parody that went viral.

Hillbilly Hot Tub

4th of July video.


For no fucking reason.

Acting Reel

Stand Up

Violin Up


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